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History of Damoh

Like most other regions of India, Damoh history too is characterized by rise and fall of many great empires. And just is the case with other regions, these great empires have also left behind great legacy in Damoh too. Their great legacy is still reflected through art, culture and most importantly through architecture. Below we’ve explained in detail about all the great empires that have ruled this region and the legacy that each of them have left behind in this region.

Ancient History of Damoh

History of DamohDamoh ancient history dates back to Stone Age era, when human race as a whole was still struggling to find its foot on planet earth. This has been proven by excavation of many important Stone Age tools from Singrampur town, which today is located barely 60 kms from headquarter city of Damoh. The excavation of these pre historic tools has proven beyond doubt that Damoh region saw the arrival of dawn of the civilization. Damoh ancient history, however, doesn’t just revolve around mysterious Stone Age Era. If we move thousand years ahead, then there are lot of ancient scriptures and even living monuments that prove beyond doubt that Damoh was once part of mighty Gupta Empire. The same empire which witnessed great kings like Samudragupta Maurya and Chandragupta Maurya. After the fall of great Gupta Empire, which happened somewhere during 6th century, came Chedi Empire. It was another one of the greatest ancient empires of India that primarily ruled Central Indian region from 8th century to 12th century. This great empire left behind undying legacy by constructing magnificent Shiva Temple in Nohta Village. This magnificent temple is in fact today one of the main tourist attractions of Damoh District.

Medieval History of Damoh

Damoh historyMedieval era also brought forth innumerable great empires on the canvas of Damoh. But the empires that really stood out was Gond Dynasty. This dynasty in fact fought series of bitter battles over control of Damoh region, which finally culminated into legendary battle fought between Rani Durgawati of Gond Empire and General Asaf Khan – one of the army generals of Mughal Empire. Although Rani Durgawati lost the battle, but her bravery and valor made her into martyrdom. In fact locals of Damoh even today consider Rani Durgawati as one of the greatest martyrs Damoh region has ever produced. Besides, era of Gond Empire is also fondly remembered as era of peace and prosperity and also one of the golden eras in history of Damoh. The last two prominent rulers of Damoh were Bundelas and Marathas. Marathas being the last Indian kingdom to have ruled this region. They were unsettled by Britishers, who by 19th century had taken complete control of India.

Modern History of Damoh

By the turn of 20th century Britishers had become undisputed rulers of Indian sub continent. Their rule, however and as we all know, was marked with immense exploitation and tyranny. To fight their tyranny many great leaders rose from different regions of India. From Damoh too many great leaders were ignited by patriotic feelings and selflessly devoted themselves to India’s independence movement. Names of some of these great local freedom fighters were Thakur Kishore Singh of Hindoria, Raja Devi Singh of Singrampur, Pancham Singh of Karijog, Gangadhar Rao, Raghunath Rao, Mejban singh and Govind Rao. These freedom fighters with their courage and valor have rightfully earned their name in Damoh history and therefore obviously deserve a mention here.

Post Independence Damoh

Post independence history can said to have begun in year 1956, the year when Madhya Pradesh came into being and subsequently Damoh was declared as one of the districts of the state. Since then Damoh, with the virtue of its rich history, has and even today continues to enjoy unique place in Madhya Pradesh state. Damoh history, over all, can only be termed as immensely rich and engrossing. After all, its history is inclusive of so many different eras. Amongst which pre historic or Stone Age era is surely the most unique one, as history of only few regions dates back to pre historic era. Besides, courage and bravery displayed by Queen Durgawati during medieval era in her fight against mighty Mughal’s makes for a pretty fascinating account. And not to forget Damoh’s brave freedom fighters, who bravely laid their lives for their country. With so many fascinating accounts to offer, it has to be reiterate that Damoh’s history is indeed rich and engrossing.

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